Wind Components
Buffalo, NY

Carver Stevedoring offloaded 15,439 MT of windmill components which include 14 units of blades, nacelles, hubs, transformers.

Sugar in Super Sacks and Bulk
Buffalo, NY

Carver Stevedoring offloaded 15,000 MT of sugar in super sacks and 20,000 MT of sugar in bulk.

Slag Operations
Tampa, FL

Bulk granulated blast furnace slag from Japan at its Port of Tampa Berth 41,000 MT.

Salt lightering in New York Harbor
New York Harbor

Efficiency meets the bustling rhythm of New York Harbor as the Carver Maritime Divisions seamlessly lighter a 20,000 ton salt vessel with our E-Crane 3000 series.

Carver 5504 E-Crane at Midstream Cargo Transfer Facility
Cooper River, Charleston, South Carolina

Grace, our E-Crane 3000 series, is revolutionizing our midstream operations with its incredible efficiency and safety. Fully assembled at our Port of Coeymans facility, this mobile crane allows us to offload bulk cargo with unmatched precision directly from ship to barge. With Grace, we're streamlining midstream transfers and boosting productivity on the Cooper River.

MV Poland Pearl E-Crane Offload
Cooper River, Charleston, South Carolina

Our E-Crane 3000C Series effortlessly offloaded 20,000 MT from the MV Poland Pearl on the Cooper River in Charleston, South Carolina.

Baltimore Curtis Bay Coal Piers
Chesapeake Bay - Baltimore, Maryland
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