Coeymans Marine Towing

Coeymans Marine Towing

Coeymans Marine Towing provides a growing inland and offshore tug and barge fleet, currently comprised of nine tugboats and a vast assortment of Deck & Hopper barges. CMT offers a full line of towing services, including barge and tug boat rentals. In conjunction with the cranes and heavy construction equipment of Carver Companies, Coeymans Marine Towing is able to bring you a cost-effective solution for your industrial marine construction needs.
9 tugs up to
50 Barges
Both Inland and ABS
We cover up to
3,000 Miles
of waterfront

In case of a maritime emergency please contact 518.322.2683 for 24-hour dispatch.

Featured Projects
Marine Fleet

Tug Boats

  • Leza 32’x13’, draft 4’, 250 hp, single screw, z-drive
  • Eli 25’x14’, draft 3’, 600 hp, double screw
  • Three Sisters 25’x14’, draft 5’, 600 hp, double screw
  • CMT Otter 62’x24’, draft 7’6”, 1200 hp, double screw
  • CMT Pike 62’x24’, draft 7’6”, 1200 hp, double screw
  • Helen Laraway 75’x26.25’, draft 10’, 2200 hp, double screw
  • Mister Jim 80’x27’, draft 10.6’, 2600 hp, double screw
  • Daisy Mae 83’x32’, draft 10’, 3400 hp, triple screw
  • Mackenzie Rose 96.5’x27’, draft 17.9’, 4200 hp, double screw

Barge List

  • 209, 216, 220, 222, 235 Inland Raked Hoppers 195’x35’x12’
  • 4771 Small Box Inland Hopper 195’x35’x12’
  • CMT Bryant, CMT Robinson, CMT Kelly, CMT Hofmann Inland Raked Hopper 195’x35’x13’
  • CMT Kronau, CMT Rector, CMT Farinelli, CMT McHugh Canal Max Raked Hopper 230’x42’x14’
  • 3100, 3104 Super Jumbo Hopper 260’x52.5’x12’
  • CMT Y NOT 1 ABS deck barge 260’x57’x17.2’ 
  • CMT Y NOT 2 ABS deck barge 330.6’x78’x20.5’
  • CMT Y NOT 3 ABS spud deck barge 144’x60’x9.9
  • Flag 4000 260’x52.5’x18.6’bow x16.5’stern
  • Gulf Coast Pro deck barge 210’x60’x13’
  • Lexa Gellatly deck barge 209.5’x54’x15’
  • Lloyd Harbor deck barge 236’x50’x14.4’
  • Mt. Vernon 198’x42’x14’
  • Boston 27 spud barge 264’x54’x13’
  • 4101 (260/Carfloat) spud barge 260’x40’
  • PM2102 deck barge 296.1’x100’x19.5’
  • APL60 deck barge 300’x90’
  • OP20K deck barge 90’x30’x6’
  • Flexi floats 10’x20’
  • Flexi floats 10’x40’
  • 4121 work float 20’x42’
  • Whiley spud barge 30’x90’
  • 4199, 4198 deck barge 130’x30’

Our Locations
Coeymans Marine Towing
2170 River Road
Coeymans, New York 12045
P 518.756.2164
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